Frequently Asked Questions

Why be a homestay host?

Becoming a homestay host is a great way to get some use out of the extra room, learn about a new culture, make a new friend, and even a little extra money. 

What are the requirements to be a host?

We you would need an extra room and have the right to rent out your room.  Also be willing to live with international students, traveling nurses, and foreign travelers.

What id the student cancels or I need to cancel?

If a student cancels you will be notified via email. If you need to cancel then you should notify the student ASAP.

Do I need to provide meals?

It is up to you about providing meals or not providing meals.

You can book your homestay through our homestay platform.

Learning Management System (LMS) advantages include the ability to capture compliance training, reduce the amount of time and effort to managing organizational

You can simply change the homestay after the first day but please talk with your homestay and us so that we know about the issue.

An LMS is short for Learning Management System. It is a software that allows you to automate, manage, and capture the learning, or training, with your organization. An LMS, or learning management system, combines a wide range of features to present.

Will my homestay provide meals?

If meat are provided is completely decided by the homestay host.  If meal are provided it will state that on their room profile. 

What if I need to cancel my homestay?

You can cancel being a host within the setting area of your account.